The Permanent & Typical Solution For Diesel Purifier

SFD Fuel Purifier

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 Environmental and Ozone Friendly, It reduces exhaust and gaseous emissions up to 75%

Removes water and eliminates impurities, sediments, reduces acids and sulfur from diesel fuel

Extends Engine life expectancy & protects fuel pump by 30% and has the ability to save diesel fuel consumption up to max 30%

Key Features:

1. By assuring the quality of purified and heated diesel fuel going to the engine, the efficiency of the burning the fuel is increased and hence     reduction of fuel consumption. (Real tests shows max 30% saving on  fuel depending on engine type and state)

2. It helps protecting the green environment, since it substantially reduces the black smoke of the diesel engines, by reducing dirt, impurities, acid sulfur from diesel fuel prior to enter the diesel engine.

3. Money Saver for operators. By saving more fuels and increasing engine life expectancy , It will get to break-even within 2 to 3 months after installation (Depends on running mileage)

4. Eliminate the forming of sulfurs in the fuel system, protects the injection heads and injection pump which is positively reflected in enhanced life expectancy of the engine.

5. Separate the water from diesel fuel and prevent it from passing to the engines. (Learn more about it in following page)

6. The diesel fuel is heated to optimum degree to ensure best combust of the diesel fuel.

7. Used for medium and large diesel engine, irrespective of their usage, like buses, construction equipment, generators, marine engines, trucks, and agricultural equipment.

8. It is installed before the primary filter(s), so it increases the life of the primary filter.

9. Easy to install with no replaceable parts. Made of steel, aluminum and bronze, covered by warranty of 1 year (life expectancy is more than 3 years.)

Available Purifier Sizes

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