Cielarkorana Products

Bulletproof Vest, Stab Proof Vest

Protecting Insert Vest
Concealed Stab & Bulletproof Dual Protevtion Vest Series
Flexible Light-Weight Vest Series 

Hard Armor Plate Series

– NIJ Level III Single Curved Plates

– NIJ Level IIIA+ Tripple Curved Plates

– NIJ Level IV Single Curved Plates

Bulletproof Shield

– NIJ IIIA Shield

– NIJ III & IV Shield on trolley

Bulletproof Helmet

For choose Ergonomically designed shell has Ideal distribution of mass over head

Centerline. Available in all sizes Special paints resistance to liquid chemical agents.

Cut Resistance Glove

Most Comfortable, thin and flexible. Black or white color to choose from Can

provide special pu coating to avoid slip.

Other Accessories

– Boots

– Caps

– Backpack

– Holsters